Potato and vegetable production

For the business development, improve of the competitiveness and profitability of the domestic vegetable production in the domestic and foreign markets, Ltd. "AgroRegion" in the regional special economic zone of agricultural type "Izmalkovo" in July 2012 was started the implementation of the investment project.
The project is implemented in several stages. On the first stage (July 2012 - August 2013) purchased vehicles, farm machinery and equipment, built a warehouse for the storage of agricultural products with an area of ​​2,737.6 square meters, storage capacity - 5.5 thousand tons, started the construction of the first part of the vegetable store.
Potato production started in the 2012: on area of ​​400 hectares is grown 13 thousand tons of potatoes, the average crop capacity is 340 centner/ha. In 2013 the cultivation areas of potatoes increased to 1,000 hectares. Despite the bad weather conditions was obtained 31.3 thousand tons of potatoes with an average crop capacity 313 centner/ha.
In August 2013 was completed the construction of the first part - 2 buildings of vegetable storage with area of ​​11 583.4 sq.m. and the total storage capacity - 21.08 thousand tons of potatoes, started the construction of the second stage - processing plant (cleaning, grading and packing of potatoes) with administrative buildings, shop of primary receivement of potato from field, shipping shop, warehouses. Planned date of putting into operation of the second stage construction objects - Q3 2014.
High scores in vegetable-growing is not possible without the use of modern irrigation technologies. Within the project were purchased and installed irrigation systems. In 2014, irrigation was carried out on 200 ha of cultivated area. The total area in 2014 was increased to 1,200 hectares, including the area in the Lipetsk region - 1022 ha. Additionally was purchased a modern high-performance agricultural equipment.
Completion of the vegetable store construction and reaching of a full capacity is planned for 2015. The total project cost is $ 1 218 1 million rubles.

Project name: Potato and vegetable production

Project type: Ongoing

Municipality: Izmailovsky district

Description of position: Izmalkovo district

Planned production (production capacity): The project includes construction of vegetable store with capacity of 65.87 thousand tons of simultaneous storage of vegetables with climate system; purchase of modern high-performance agricultural equipment, warehouse equipment and irrigation systems; potato cultivation on the area of ​​1,500 ha; organization of vegetable processing.

Readiness of the project's: Completion of the vegetable store construction and reaching of a full capacity is planned for 2015.

The total cost of the project (in bil. Rub.): 1218.0.

Own funds (in bil. Rub.): 0.0.

Required investments (in bil. Rub.): 0.0.

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