Corporation Development of the Lipetsk Region

The administration of special economic zones of the regional level - JSC Corporation Development of the Lipetsk Region (it is created in 2007) - regional institute of development from 100% of the state equity, is engaged in investment attraction in region economy, development federal and regional special economic zones, industrial parks of the Lipetsk region and support of investment projects. JSC Corporation Development of the Lipetsk Region performs the activities in compliance with the Charter.

The corporation of Development functions as the single dispatch center optimizing process of entry of the investor into the region prepares and offers investors of the platform with ready infrastructure for business, allowing to lower the investor's expenses to 30% and to accelerate project implementation in 2 and more times.

The Center of support of investment projects for the principle of "one window" functions is based on the organization.

For the purpose of rendering assistance to the initiators of investment projects registered and performing activities in the territory of the Lipetsk region accompanied by the investment project, receipt of the state support (information, financial, educational, property), in the Lipetsk region the single document providing the mechanism of the organization of investment projects, supports of the power of the Lipetsk region by regional and municipal authorities – REGULATIONS of corporation of development in support of investment projects in the territory of the Lipetsk region by the principle of "the SINGLE WINDOW" is developed.

The regulations provide the mechanism of implementation of the investment project in the territory of the Lipetsk region, since the moment of submission of the appeal of the subject of business activity (the request of the initiator of the investment project) to regional and municipal authorities of the power for the purpose of support of the project and/or rendering the state support, until commissioning of the facility.


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