Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the Lipetsk region

The Lipetsk region is actively developing PPP mechanisms. In the ranking of regions in terms of the PPP development level of 2016 – 2017, the Lipetsk region took 34 place.

Compared to 2016, the region improved its positions by 6 points. The final integral indicator of calculating the rating of the Lipetsk region in 2016 constituted 43.4%. (In 2015, 24.8% (+ 18.6%))

16 projects in the social sphere and housing and utilities (8 projects under the concession legislation, 2 projects under investment agreements, and 6 projects on the basis of the lease agreement with investment commitments) were implemented in the region on the basis of PPP mechanisms.

Including: dialysis centers in Lipetsk, Yelets, Chaplyginskiy district, two centers for MRI diagnostics in Lipetsk and Yelets, where patients receive high-level services under the MHI policy. A project on creation of ski resort ‘Hillpark’ in the village Bolshaya Kuzminka in the Lipetsk region is implemented, the construction of the sports and health complex ‘The Great Bear’ in the village of Krutye Khutora, Lipetsk region.

The project of reconstruction of a rural public bath in the Kalininskiy rural settlement of the Dobrovsky district became one of the winners in the contest of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in the category ‘Development of infrastructure within the public-private partnership’. A new concession agreement on the reconstruction of the municipal bathhouse in the village of Dobroye has been concluded. Concession agreement on the reconstruction and operation of the municipal bathhouse in Lipetsk was concluded.

In the sphere of housing and communal services on the basis of PPP, purification facilities of Lebedyanskiy with the capacity of 15 thousand cubic meters were reconstructed per day. In Gryazinskiy district, the investor reconstructs the water supply and sanitation network. In the village of the gas pipeline of Yelets district under the concession, the reconstruction of the centralized district heating system is fulfilled.

The total amount of the investments attracted to PPP projects amounted to 1 billion 246 (+22.7) million rubles, including private ones - 981 (+20.7) mln. rub.

Projects on the improvement of the territories of municipalities have a good prospect, a project is being prepared to improve the embankment of the Matyr reservoir. There is an interest of investors in the creation of inter-municipal waste-processing complexes with a landfill for MSW disposal. Currently, 28 projects are being developed in various fields.