The reasons for investing

Lipetsk region - one of the most successful and fast growing areas of modern Russia, which occupies a leading position in the Russian Federation for many socio-economic indicators.

Small size and population, the region has high scientific, technical, industrial and investment potential, development infrastructure.

For ten years area is included in the group of leaders among the subjects of the Russian Federation by the indicator of investment attractiveness.

Credit ratings assigned by international rating agency the Fitch Ratings, supported by high liquidity indicators of the Lipetsk region and rational finance and debt management.

Improvement of the legal framework, reducing of the investment risks, availability of investment platforms became the basis of constant inflow of investments in the region. The share of investment in gross regional product is more than 30%.

The region has all advantages - legal and economic - for business success. We guarantee stability of the investors implementing investment projects in the Lipetsk region.


1. Dynamic developing economy

Attracting of the investments - a priority area of the development. Lipetsk region - one of the most favorable areas for business development. During the period 2003-2013 investment volume by constant prices was increased by 4 times.
By the investment volume per capita (2013 - 87 thousand rubles)  Lipetsk region ranks 5th in the CFA and the 23th place among the subjects of the Russian Federation. 


2. The largest consumer market

Good geographical location of the region in the center of the European part of the Russia, 370 km south from Moscow (the distance from the capital to the regional center is 450 km). The region borders with the Kursk, Orel, Voronezh, Tambov, Ryazan and Tula regions. International airport "Lipetsk", main railway junctions in Elec and  Gryazy city, federal highways. Proximity to the capital - the largest market for sell almost any product is great advantage.


3. Investment climate - one of the best in Russia

Stability and predictability of the situation in the region. Leading position of the Lipetsk region among the RF subjects in various rankings: investment attractiveness, the minimum level of investment risk in credit ratings. Stability of the economic and social development indicators. 


4. Stable investment philosophy

Transparency of the conditions of the investor entry into the region. Support of investors by the head of the region, guarantee of the participation of the administration in business issues. 
Politics of the Lipetsk region aimed on reducing of administrative barriers, is guaranteed non-interference in the administrative and business activities of the investor, protection from laws, aimed on the worsening the investor's position within the competence of the Lipetsk region; minimize of the corruption risks; transformation of public and municipal services into the electronic form. 


5. Appropriate products for the investor

The area has three-tier system of creation and development of the points of economic growth, which allows investors to find the best opportunities for the business. Special economic zones of federal and regional levels, industrial parks - it is prepared for the production lands or premises with an engineering infrastructure.
Level 1 . SEZ "Lipetsk" - a platform for big business.
Level 2. Regional SEZ - best business environment for medium-sized enterprises. 
Level 3. Private industrial parks in the municipal centers meet the needs of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.


6. Complex system of developing institutions

Favorable administrative environment is provided by the development institutions. 
One of them - the Lipetsk Region Development Corporation, which operates as a single control center, optimizing the process of entry of the investor in the region, prepares and offers to investors a platform with a ready infrastructure for business, allowing to reduce the costs of the investor up to 30% and accelerate the implementation of the project. 


7. Modern system of state support

Administration of Lipetsk Region offers an equal opportunity for Russian and foreign investors. Investors are provided with significant government support.


8. A clear strategy for further development   

Priority areas for investment attraction in the Lipetsk region are based on existing competitive advantages of the region, as well as the target program for the modernization of traditional industries and development of new economic activities:

  • engineering;
  • electrical engineering;
  • metal-working;
  • production of construction materials;
  • food and processing industry; 
  • alternative energy; 
  • logistics infrastructure; 
  • tourism and recreation;
  • aviation industry (general aviation);
  • production of agricultural, car equipment and components;
  • pharmacy and biotechnology.


  • for the production of "white goods";
  • innovative - industrial; 
  • production and assembly of agricultural machinery;
  • for the production of automotive components;
  • pharmaceutical;
  • engineering;
  • tourism and recreation;
  • car tourism.

The investment strategy of the Lipetsk region for the period till 2020 is being implemented with providing a systematic method for choosing the areas of dynamic development of the region.
Investment memorandum of the Lipetsk region publicly declares a general principles and procedures for interaction between regional authorities and investors.

The special areas with special conditions for economic activities: a special economic zones of federal and regional levels, industrial parks are created. Projects are actively supported by use of public-private partnerships.