Rating on the level of development of public-private partnership

The region still holds a leading position in the ratings of authoritative international and Russian agencies, both among the regions of the Central Federal District and in the Russian Federation as a whole.

In the ranking of regions, presented at the IV Infrastructure Congress on the level of development of PPP 2016-2017, Lipetsk region ranked 34th. Compared to 2016, the region improved its positions by 6 points.

The final integral indicator of calculating the rating of the Lipetsk region in 2016 was 43.4%. Compared to 2015, this indicator in 2016 increased by 18.6%. The difference between the final rating and the set value for 2016 was -4.4%.

When assessing the indicator ‘Level of PPP development’ the following factors were used:

  • By the factor ‘Experience in the implementation of projects’, the score of the region is 2.5.
  • By the factor ‘Institutional environment’, the total score of the region is 7.4.
  • By the ‘Regulatory base’ factor, the total score of the region is 3.8.

More details on the dynamics of the growth of indicators by regions and the factors of their evaluation can be found in the study ‘Public-Private Partnership in Russia in 2016-2017’ at the address: http://www.pppi.ru/regions