‘Rafarma’ CJSC

‘Rafarma’ CJSC is a multiproduct innovative pharmaceutical plant specialized in manufacturing all kinds of medicinal forms of preparations of various pharmacological groups.
The enterprise was among the first to be included in the Register of perspective projects in the field of pharmaceutical and medical industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Name of the Project: ‘Rafarma’ CJSC

Project type: Ongoing

Municipality: Terbunskiy district

Description of the location: Organization and construction of the plant specialized in the production of antibiotics and anti-cancer medicines in the territory of the industrial production special economic zone of the regional level, ‘Terbuny’, of Lipetsk region.

Planned production (exploited capacities): Products of ‘Bekaert Lipetsk’ LLC are supplied both to a number of Russian tire manufacturers (‘Nizhnekamskshina’, "Amtel", SIBUR group), and to European enterprises of the leading tire manufacturers - Nokian, Michelin, Continental. The enterprise was built on the territory of the ‘Lipetsk’ industrial production special economic zone in record time – in less than a year. In 2010, ‘Bekart Lipetsk’ LLC launched the first production line with a capacity of 5 thousand tons of steel wire cord per year, the second line - in 2011. – 12.000 tons per year, which allowed the company to create a full production cycle using not foreign but Russian ‘semi-finished products’.

Readiness of the project's: At the stage of implementation.

The total cost of the project (in bil. Rub.): 3647.0.

Own funds (in bil. Rub.): 3123.0.

Required investments (in bil. Rub.): 0.0.

Number of jobs created: 102.

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