Ltd. "Motorinvest"

Investment project "Construction of mechanical complex" in Krasninsky district with capacity of 120 thousand cars per year with full localization of production.
Project owner: group of companies "Irito."
Volume of investments - 10 billion rubles per year.
New jobsites for 1500 people. The area of the land is 360 hectares.

Project name: Ltd. "Motorinvest"

Project type: Ongoing

Municipality: Krasninsky district

Description of position: Krasinsky district

Readiness of the project's: Painting shop is put into operation. Built welding shop, equipment is being installed and customized. Assembly shop is under construction.

The total cost of the project (in bil. Rub.): 10000.0.

Own funds (in bil. Rub.): 5000.0.

Required investments (in bil. Rub.): 5000.0.

Number of jobs created: 1500.

Additional Information: 100-120 car bodies is being painted per day. Construction of housing for factory workers. Number of workers is 470 people.

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