JSC INDESIT INTERNATIONAL - Production of household appliances

The policy of investment performed in Lipetsk region in FEZ and industrial parks is very interesting and goes on in the right direction to attract companies and their support at a considerate stage of defining a business case and project development. Considering these economical conditions and investment conditions we constantly work to see the supplier readiness and evaluate probable possibilities to localize its production in Lipetsk region.

The reason of our company presence in Lipetsk has become stronger over the years. It is evident that our choice made in 2000 was, of course, right. Moreover the base of suppliers in Lipetsk region has grown over the years, which gives us the possibility to increase our flexibility and competitive ability.

What strikes the foreigner in Russia, especially in Lipetsk, is the beauty of the Nature, which is different depending upon the season: in spring and summer there is a lot of greenery, and in winter a lot of snow and wonderful landscapes, so I think the highest touristic potential lies mainly in the natural beauty of the region.

Francesco Chelentano,
Production Director of JSC INDESIT INTERNATIONAL in Lipetsk