Reconstruction of the airport complex (Lipetsk)

Name project: Reconstruction of the airport complex (Lipetsk)

Industry specialization, location: air transport Lipetsk region. Lipetsk district, p. Kuzminskaya Otverzhki Airport.

Term of realization: 2013-2016.

Partners: Federal Air Transport Agency, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Administration of civil airports (aerodromes)," the administration of the Lipetsk region.

Cost of the project, mln. RUB: 1483,5.

Jobs created (plan / actual) pers.: 200/18.

Project Status: Work on the reconstruction of the airfield infrastructure implemented. The reconstruction of the runway length of 2193m, the construction of a new water-waste and drainage system, installed new lighting. From 01.09.2014g. airport "Lipetsk" open to civil aircraft.