Belgian company LLC "Bekaert-Lipetsk"

International company "Bekaert" (Bekaert, head office is in Belgium) is a world leader (25% market share) for the production of steel cord and bead wire. This metal is used for reinforcing tires. Is used for vehicle stability, safety and fuel economy.

Project name: Belgian company LLC "Bekaert-Lipetsk"

Companies: LLC "Bekaert Lipetsk"

Project type: Ongoing

Municipality: Lipetsky district

Description of position: Lipetsk region

Planned production (production capacity): LLC "Bekaert-Lipetsk" supply products for Russian tire manufacturers ("Nizhnekamskshina" , "Amtel", SIBUR group ) and for European tire manufacturers - Nokian, Michelin, Continental. The company was found on the territory of SEZ " Lipetsk" in short period - less than a year. In 2010 LTD "Bekaert-Lipetsk" launched the first production stage with capacity of 5000 tons of steel cord per year, the second stage - in 2011 - 12,000 tons per year, which allow to create a full production cycle with using Russian materials.

Readiness of the project's: Belgian company LLC "Bekaert-Lipetsk" started production in December 31, 2009.

The total cost of the project (in bil. Rub.): 3686.0.

Own funds (in bil. Rub.): 0.0.

Required investments (in bil. Rub.): 0.0.

Number of jobs created: 159.

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