Industrial cluster of white machinery

The innovative territorial industrial cluster of white machinery was established in 2015.


  • the cluster includes 22 participants, of which 16 are industrial enterprises;
  • the volume of production constitutes 30.1 billion rubles a year;
  • number of employees working in the cluster enterprise constitutes 6,800 people;
  • the share of products in the all-Russian production is more than 27%.

Priorities of cluster development:

  • Organizational development of the cluster and strengthening cooperation ties between the participants.
  • Development of innovative capacity and research and development sector.
  • Development of production potential and expansion of market share of products and services of cluster participants.
  • Development of human resources potential.
  • Forming a common brand and increasing the recognition of the cluster.
  • Development of international cooperation.
  • Development of relations with the authorities.