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Public private partnership

Legal registration for a specified period, and based on the pooling of resources, risk-sharing partnership the public partner, on the one hand and the private partner on the other hand, on the basis of the agreement on public-private partnership, in order to attract to the economy of private investment, ensure the availability of and improve the quality of goods, works and services, ensuring that the consumers due to the powers of public authorities and local governments.

Using the mechanisms of public-private partnership (PPP) is currently receiving widespread in the Russian Federation.

PPP involves a number of forms of cooperation, allowing the state and the private sector to derive mutual benefit.

PPP refers to the innovative methods used by the public sector to contract with the private sector to use its capital and management capacity in the implementation of projects in accordance with the time frame and budget. The public sector retains responsibility for the maintenance of the population of these services beneficial to his way and have a positive impact on economic development and improving people's quality of life.

PPP is regarded as specific projects implemented jointly by government agencies and private companies on the federal, regional and municipal property.