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Construction of the broiler plant by the JSC "Kurinoe Carstvo"

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On the territory of the Novonikolsk rural settlement of the Dankovskoe district is completed construction of poultry farm with project capacity of 27 thousand tonnes of poultry in live weight, on rented land (for 49 years) with the area of 321 hectares. The planned investments are 1 billion rubles.
There are 3 artesian wells. Diversion unit is under construction, water-supply from wells to the site, installation of local water-supply is completed.
Construction of all poultry buildings is completed, installation of technological equipment by "Big Deutschman" is in the final stage.
Power supply is available. Wall fencing, floor slabs, roofs and sanitary building are completed, finishing works are in progress.
Construction of the access road from the rubble is completed, site access roads and landscaping works are in progress.
Hangar for storage of equipment and materials is constructed, as well as local gas pipeline for each poultry building. From 6.2 km of the planned pipeline for the broiler plant - 4.5 kilometers are constructed.
Terms of commissioning - Q4 2014, a bird breeding is planned for November 13, 2014.
77 new jobsites.
Incubation workshop
In addition, on the territory of a Don selsovet rural settlement of Zadonskoe district on the area of ​​50.5 hectares, will be construction of incubation shop with project capacity of 240 million eggs per year.
Concreting of floors is completed, final coating is in progress, are mounted skeletons of the walls and roofs. Local roads reconstruction is in progress. Installation of utilities (heating, ventilation, electricity). Started the external and internal gas pipeline construction.
Are constructed and put into operation the power line, power is being supplied.
In October 2014 the company started the installation of technological equipment.
Deadline - Q1 2015.
The total cost - 1.066 million rubles.
100 new jobsites.

Project name Construction of the broiler plant by the JSC "Kurinoe Carstvo"
Companies ОАО «Куриное Царство»
Project type Ongoing
Municipality Dankovsky district
Description of position Dankovski district
Readiness of the project's Finish contruction
The total cost of the project (in bil. Rub.) 1066.0
Own funds (in bil. Rub.) 0.0
Required investments (in bil. Rub.) 0.0