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Ltd. "CSZ Lipetsk"

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SEZ resident Ltd. "CSZ-Lipetsk" produces lightweight glass containers for the food and medical industry since 2007.

Project name Ltd. "CSZ Lipetsk"
Project type Ongoing
Municipality Lipetsky district
Description of position Lipetsk
Readiness of the project's By 01.07.2014: - volume of investment in the production - more than 5177 million rubles; - volume of the production - 11714 million rubles; - volume of taxes in the consolidated budget, insurance, customs duties - 557,8 million rubles; - volume of tax breaks, customs duties, taxes, from which SEZ residents are released due to use of the regime of free customs zone - 1787 million rubles; - number of workers is 940 people.
The total cost of the project (in bil. Rub.) 5177.0
Own funds (in bil. Rub.) 5177.0
Required investments (in bil. Rub.) 960.0
Number of jobs created 1012