Legal framework

Relationships related to the investment activities carried out by investors in the form of investment in capital assets in the Lipetsk region are governed by international treaties of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, federal laws and regulatory legal acts of the Lipetsk region.

Basic laws and other regulatory legal acts relating to the fulfilment of investment activities in the Lipetsk region:


Federal legislation

  1. Federal Law No. 39-FZ as of 25.02.1999 ‘On Investment Activities in the Russian Federation Carried out in the form of Capital Investments’
  2. Federal Law No. 160-FZ as of 09.07.1999 ‘On Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation’
  3. Federal Law No. 57-FZ as of 29.04.2008 ‘On the Procedure for the Implementation of Foreign Investment in Business Entities of Strategic Importance for Ensuring the Country’s Defense and State Security’
  4. Federal Law No. 116-FZ as of 22.07.2005 ‘On Special Economic Zones in the Russian Federation’
  5. Federal Law No. 156-FZ as of 29.11.2001 ‘On Investment Funds’
  6. Federal Law No. 225-FZ as of 30.12.1995 ‘On Production Sharing Agreements’ Federal Law No. 2116-1 as of 27.12.1991 ‘On Profit Tax of Enterprises and Organizations’
  7. Law of the RSFSR as of 29.06.1991 No. 1488-1 ‘On Investment Activities in the RSFSR’
  8. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 883 as of 23.07.1996 ‘On Privileges in Payment of Import Customs Duties and Value Added Tax in Respect of Goods Imported by Foreign Investors as a Contribution to the Authorized Capital of Enterprises with Foreign Investments’, in part not contradicting to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation’

Regional legislation


List of state programs, within which the state support for investment activities is granted


  • Subprogram ‘Modernization and development of industry in the Lipetsk region for 2014-2020’;
  • Subprogram ‘Development of innovative activities in the Lipetsk region for 2014-2020’;
  • Subprogram ‘Development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Lipetsk region for 2014-2020’.





  • ‘Development of the crop sector, processing and sales of crop production in the Lipetsk region for 2014 – 2020’;
  • ‘Development of the livestock sector, processing and sales of livestock products in the Lipetsk region for 2014-2020.’


  • subprogram ‘Development and preservation of the culture of the Lipetsk region (2014-2020);
  • subprogram ‘Tourism Development in the Lipetsk Region (2014-2020)’.