Investment site №3 - Shop building, Kuiman village

Name of investment proposal: Shop building
Type of site: brownfield (plot with existing building)
City / District: 399635 Lipetsk Region, Lebedyansky District
Location: village Kuyman, Lebedyanskaya street, house 126
The number of unemployed people (within a radius of 30 km): 480
Intended purpose: For trade
Ownership: ownership
Owner: Chaplygin RAIPO
Form of transfer of land: Lease
Possible areas of use of the land: To accommodate administrative and office buildings, education facilities, science, health and social welfare, physical culture and sports, art culture, religion
Telecommunications: Available
Full name: Shchigel
Position: Director of the Chaplygin RAIPO
Organization: Chaplygin RAIPO
Postal address: 399610 Lipetsk Region, Lebedyan City, K. Marx Street, Building 19
Phone, Fax: 8 (474-66) 5-74-40